About the Fulton Amateur Radio Club

The primary purposes of the Fulton Amateur Radio Club are to foster interest in radio/electronics, provide license training and testing, and promote the use of Amateur Radio for emergency communications.

The Fulton Amateur Radio Club was formed in 1957.  In 2007 the club celebrated its 50th Anniversary with a Special Event Station set up on the shore of Lake Neatahwanta in Fulton which was open to the public. In addition to being an enjoyable activity, Special Event Stations give amateur radio operators (hams) practical experience in setting up operations in less than ideal conditions.  Still going strong, the club is looking ahead to its next 50 years...

In 2013, we assisted with many public service events for the Oswego and Fulton YMCA's and many other local orginizations, and again this year we conducted Successful Field Day operations in June at the Scriba Volunteer Fire Department Hall.

Ham Radio continues to provide major emergency communications links during power outages, tornadoes, hurricanes and other times when conventional communications fail.  The Fulton ARC and OCEC/RACES provide communications when needed in emergency situations and for public service events.

The Fulton ARC also conducts license training and testing.  Contact us for more information on how you can obtain your ham radio license or upgrade your license.

New to the hobby or need technical help?  Members of the Fulton ARC are glad to lend a hand and offer advice on radios, antenna set ups, radio installations and more...all you need to do is ask...or better yet - attend a meeting!

The Fulton Amateur Radio Club meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month in the lower level of the Oswego County Office Building, across from Mimi's restaurant, Route 481 North, Fulton at 7PM.  No need to be a licensed ham radio operator to attend our club meetings, so we welcome you to join us!

Club History

Serving the Community Since 1957

The primary purpose of the Fulton Amateur Radio Club is to promote amateur effort in emergency communication and interest in radio and radio training. The Fulton Radio Club was organized August 26, 1957 by Tom Adams K2DUR and Bill Reynolds K2ZEL (former high school teacher) and also Roger Theiser W2WZN. They got 16 people together who became the club's charter members.

Charter members of the Fulton Amateur Radio Club who attended the 10th anniversary party on November 11 (1967). Left to right, seated, Tom Adams K2DUR, Stanley Roberts W2RZN, Don Wilson K2HPY; standing, Tom Cantine W2TQF, John Tryniski W2OZE, Fay Sanford W2LHG, Fred Yannes WA2GVH, George Booth W2SBY


    The charter members:

    • Fred Yannes - WB2WMB
    • Harold Gillespie - WN2PQI
    • William Reynolds - K2ZEL
    • John Tryniski - WN2OZE
    • Don Wilson - K2HPY
    • Roger L. Thesier -W2WZN
    • John Prenis - WN2PGA
    • Edward Haseltine, Jr - WN2RSN
    • John Darling - K2QQY
    • Bill Soukey - KN2ZQL
    • Marks N. Waters - W2PHK
    • Frank Soukey
    • John Hoey - KN2ZQR
    • Tom Cantine - WN2TQF
    • Stanley Roberts - WN2RZN
    • Tom Adams - K2DUR