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The Annual ARRL Field Day 2023 was to have been  here June 24th & 25th but Mother Nature intervened  with thunder & lightning and so it was decided that prudence would dictate that the event would be  called off. 

I was in Maine on vacation, if you can technically  be on vacation when retired, and was planning on  taking in Field Day from Pemaquid Point Lighthouse  as I have in previous years but when I arrived at the  site there was no one there. By the way, it was  raining there also but no thunder and lightning. 

Anyway, after “Field Day / Not”, the club covered  the Harborfest 5K and 10K on July 29th. As with the  Child Advocacy Run in April, RAIN was the order of  the day but the 5K and 10K races went on in spite of it all and most of the runners seemed to be  having a good time. I was stationed on W Seneca  Street and a number of the participants said that it  was nice weather for running anyway. 

There is a new GMRS repeater operating from Rudy  Reyes KD2DPA’s (does that mean he got his license  just before Al, KD2DPB), site in Orwell. I don’t know  much about GMRS but Mike, KD2DVC tells me it is  operating on GMRS frequency, 467.570 for input  and 462.570 for output, or R16 in GMRS lingo and  using PL tone 88.5 I believe. I am not sure what kind  of coverage he is getting.