Happy Holidays

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Greetings fellow Hams. 

Yesterday was our annual Christmas party and everyone appeared to have a great time. We had 34 people in attendance.  RFH’s kitchen staff was in fine form providing great luncheon fare. 

Following lunch we enjoyed a comprehensive presentation on the Wildlife and geology of our end of Lake Ontario presented by scientist, historian and author, Susan Gateley. 

The County of Oswego has finally decided to take down our repeater site on RT 51A so the old 147.150 repeater site is no more. 

Not to worry however, Ken Ellsworth, N2GFG has graciously contributed space at his building on RT 104, about 6 miles South East of Oswego. The site is about 400ft above sea level and the antenna is about 30ft above that. As of now, mid December, the repeater has been moved and set up but is not operational yet.

The repeater we are currently using belongs to Pat Browns, WN8Z and operates on 146.390 with a PL tone of 105.3. This repeater has very good coverage and Pat has said we can use it for the indefinite future.