Ham-fest Season

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On Sunday, January 14th, Sam KD2RZY and myself ventured off to the Southern Tier Metropolis of Marathon NY for the Skyline Amateur Radio Club Ham fest. We had never been to this event so We really didn’t know what expect. I for one was pleasantly surprised. 


The door man above looks strangely familiar. 


Another familiar face.
Another familiar face.

I was looking for an HF antenna tuner and bought an LDG IT-100 auto-tuner 
from Rick Pierce N2QPQ, for a very good price. The only hitch was it was set up 
for ICOM Radios and wouldn’t work with the radio I had in mind.
A little research on the internet and I was able to come up with enough info to
build a cable to connect the radio, tuner and 12v power. This home-brew 
solution along with a 9 to 1 unun I built a while back, tunes my Random Length 
Wire Antenna, 80 to 10 meters. Sweet!