Ham Radio Roundtable Discussion

Submitted by ai2n on Mon, 09/09/2019 - 08:53
Meeting Date

Where else but in a ham radio club can we chat about all the different things we enjoy about this hobby. At our next meeting on September 25, Keith/WB2NVY, a ham since 1963, will ask EVERYONE to talk about things we enjoy Check out this list and be prepared to share your thoughts on them when ‘net control’ turns it over to you.  Suggested topics: Most memorable QSO Coolest homebrew projectFavorite rigHam radio & wxBest ham buddy/ElmerAuto/air/water mobile unit/activityWorst ham radio dayFavorite net(s)Most memorable Field DayFavorite/highest? AntennaWhat I like most about ham radioFavorite MODE Awards that I’ve wonMost scary/”shocking” momentMost rewarding radio activity

Keith, WB2NVY