ARISS Program

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So a few weeks ago I had my cousin over to help me with a few projects I couldn’t do myself.  One was restringing my cable for my long wire antenna. 

We got talking about amateur radio and school activities, then I told him about ARISS program.   We reviewed the current program and required documentation plus submitting dates.   Well he took the information to teachers at Oswego School District, and I believe we have a few that want to do live chat with the ISS next fall. 

Thus, I thought I should give everyone an update, and possibly notice that we might be getting a request to support a live chat session.   The current deadline in February 29, and according to my cousin I should be hearing something soon.   

I think this will be a wonderful opportunity for the club to promote Amateur Radio.   Plus if anyone has a child, niece or nephew, or know someone in any of the school districts, now it’s time to share the information.